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Welcome to the world of Hard, Loved Up Fun 

WellWicked is the spiritual home of Nüw Idol and his deliciously hard, dangerously dark, yet always magically uplifting and pumpin' Hard Tek-NRG-Trance. We don't care about the tags, as a wise man once said "the label name says it all". WellWicked is about music that makes you want to dance.

We've put all of our tracks up here for you to listen to. These include traxx which have yet to be released, so you can get a sneak preview of what's to come. You can also listen to the entire back catalogue of Nuw Idol which includes some pretty amazing stuff!

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 Listen to 1 hour of Nuw Idol live at Sundissential 2003! This set is available on CD in a metal box case for £12 incl. P&P. Email us to order.

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All the tunes can be ordered on CD through our "Pick'n'Mix" service and are also available on Vinyl directly from us, or at your favourite record store.

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WellWicked is about quality in everything we do, so if you have any comments or suggestions about the website or the label, we'd love to hear from you.

WellWicked Records - dedicated to the notion it's the music that matters.

Due to known misspellings of the name "Nüw Idol", and in the interest of search engine compliance, we have added the following list of misspellings to this page: Nuw Idol, Nüw Idol, Nu Idol, New Idol

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