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Nuw Idol
Produced by Nuw Idol

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Debut Release

"The debut release on WellWicked Records is, well, wicked. This is Nuw Idol's finest work to date, which says a lot seeing as he's released 20 singles and as many remixes (including Binary Finary '1998') as well as a full length album 'Thunder and Lightning' to his credit. This piece of vinyl contains two sides of incredible trance of the highest order. 'Tears' is pure bliss, an epic track on a deeper level. Michel (Nuw Idol) Spiegel's brilliant and original production skills breathe fresh air into a period in trance music inundated with boring sound-alike tracks. Just listen to the main break and the effects used on the crescendo out of the break. Tears is powerfully emotive without being sappy and represents a credible and innovative direction for the future of trance."

-Christopher Lawrence, XLR8R (April '99)

"New label kicks off with the excellent Nuw Idol, who delivers two brilliant cuts of bubbling, progressive trance. 'Tears' simply bounces along with some sprightly filtered riffing, cascading synth lines, haunting cords and beautiful breakdown. Fusing the point where Noom meets Hook with apparent ease, this tune is going to be huge. W.O.W on the flip side is a little cheesier and a little more beefy in a nu-energy kind of way, which should keep the offbeat baseline crew happy."

-Chris Liberator, Update (April '99)

"I was really looking forward to this, after the debut release on Zoom Records. The inspiration for Nuw Idol comes from peak time clubbing and this is certainly the sound I am after for my Limbo offshoot. The man behind Nuw Idol, Michel Spiegel, has numerous recording credits under his belt, having previously recorded for labels as diverse as Plink Plonk, Ear, Aquarius, Cosmic Communications and the aforementioned Zoom, as well as having a co-production credit on Binary Finary '1998'. His ability to cross the boundaries of trance and techno is amazing and provides the soundtrack to lose yourself to on a Saturday night. This is music for your head, your heart and your feet. Massive."

-Billy Kiltie, M8 (April '99)


The debut record on WellWicked set the standard for things to come. It went down extremely well with DJ's both in the UK and abroad. It was also licensed to several compilations.


Catalogue No: WW001
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