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Polly's Pharmacy
Polly's Pharmacy
Dr Bob's X-S Dose
Produced by Nuw Idol

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House Single of the Month

Wax Magazine

"This should probably be on the trance page, but seeing as I found it, I'll write about it. After this innocent looking piece of vinyl landed on my desk during the week, I was impressed by it's direct and energetic approach, but it took 1 minute of deck time to translate into a tune which turned more heads and moved more feet than any other. Quite simply it's a stunner. To give it instant appeal, there is very little in terms of content, just a nagging repetitive hook line, floating in and out, up and down, to devastating effect, overriding firing percussion, and a killer kick. For all three of my light jocks to ask me on the same weekend what it was, is unprecedented, and an indication of the instant and forceful nature of this piece of vinyl genius."

-Stevie Kerr, Wax (July '99)

"As trance reaches total saturation point and more and more dross starts being churned out, thank God for people like Nuw Idol (aka Michel Spiegel) and a handful of others who really know how to produce the stuff. He deserves to be huge 'cause his records are brilliant, and this one's no exception. Spot-on production combines with a rare element of funkiness (often missing in the more Teutonic variety. Quality trance with a capital Q."

-Chris liberator, Seven (July '99)

"This tune arrived in the post one day and went straight in the box for the weekend's gigs, where it still remains. It's one of those tunes that just builds and builds into total dancefloor devastation. It was produced by Michel Spiegel, who in the past has worked with the likes of DJ Sneak, Binary Finary and Mr C. The sound this track has is what you expect to hear in the main room at peak time at Escape."

-Danny Slade, Club On (August '99)

"Michel Spiegel's WellWicked label delivers yet another hot slab of wax for us, this time by Nuw Idol. 'Polly's Pharmacy' is one of those melodic trancers you just gotta have in your box. Forget the usual trance suspects... ...this is what you want."

-Wax (July '99)

"Michel Spiegel returns with a second blast on his new label. It's no holds barred, galloping trouser action on the menu here, building via deft drum programming into Ibiza friendly Euro-trance synths. The flip takes a widescreen approach, more akin to early Jam and Spoon."

-KN, Ministry (August '99)


This record has been absolutely huge for WellWicked. Finding an appreciative audience from the most mainstream to the coolest, underground clubs and DJ's. It was a mainstay of Pete Tong's Essential Selection throughout the summer and autumn of '99. It is still being discovered by new DJ's and enthusiastically responded to on dance floors everywhere. It has appeared on numerous compilations in the UK, Europe and the US, with the best known being 'Reactivate 15' and EMI's 'Transformer 2000'. It was licensed for re-release in Italy by Media Records (home of Mauro Picotto).


Catalogue No: WW002
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