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Füll Kontakt
True Force
The Number
Produced by Nuw Idol

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Trance Record of the Month

"Michel Spiegel's releases just keep getting better and better. There's something about 'True Force' which excites every hair in your inner self, clenches your fist and raises it skywards. This is an awesomely intense tune if ever there was one. Give the guy a medal for being able to finish writing it without spontaneously combusting. 'The Number' is only a couple of 'avin it notches down but another superb track. Highly recommended listening".

-Gary Figg, Mixmag UK (Feb 2000)

"As a producer Michel Spiegel (Nuw Idol) is at the top of his game. For the past year or so, his label WellWicked has been establishing itself as a dependable source of hard progressive trance. Michel and WellWicked's latest release 'True Force' is dark, uplifting, driving and bouncy. It contains some of the angriest sounds I've heard: metallic piercing, distorted synths and effects, which wouldn't sound out of place in a steel factory. There are two short breaks that start off melodic, but give way to a nice and hard synth sound. It's great to hear a track that deviates from the norm and doesn't get progressively cheesy. The arrangement is unique and 'True Force' hits hard when needed."

-Nicholas Bennsion, Mixer Magasine USA (Feb 2000)

"The best so far from Michel Spiegel's label, it was only a matter of time before the Nuw Idol fella delivered something of this calibre (for it is he)... Both sides are right pounders that edge in all kinds of directions but never stray far from the dance floor. Too rumpy-pumpy for some progressive DJ's but not Euro enough for those that like it really obvious, it's a thickly produced mish-mash of techno, trance and hard house but much more fun than it sounds. WellWicked reaches ramming speed."

-Thomas H Green, DJ Magazine UK (Feb 2000)

"Energetic pumper."

-Darren Pearce


Having received enormous critical acclaim this record established WellWicked as a serious force on the underground trance scene. It's been caned by numerous underground DJ's including Beamish, Oberon, Dave Randal, as well as making it to Radio One as part of Guy Ornadel's Essential Selection.


Catalogue No: WW005
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