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Nuw Idol
Produced by Nuw Idol

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"With Nuw Idol's WellWicked label one never knows quite what each piece of vinyl's going to hold. It's always somewhere on the trance-prog-hard house-techy spectrum but is it more Lee Burridge or Scott Bond? Well this one's definitely more Scott Bond. Two handsome hunks of Euro-flavoured tunery with 'Wicca' being the more straightforward euphoric while 'Surrender' has a moody minor key undertow that'll keep more advanced listeners/dancers happy."

-Thomas H Green, DJ Magazine UK (Feb 2000)


This record has done amazingly well since its release in early March (2000). It's one of those unusual records which manages to appeal right across the spectrum.

Wicca in particular has proved itself a floor rocker from underground clubs such as Escape from Samsara and Ripsnorter to clubs as overground as Gatecrasher.

Surrender is in a slightly darker mood but still manages to explode on the dance floor and will send your crowd mad at the end of the night.


Catalogue No: WW006
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