~ wellwicked ~
Nuw Idol
Kick Drum Domination
Not Afraid
Produced by Nuw Idol

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"Wicked- Well Wicked! Definitely one for the big occasion and I can see plenty of those to come."

-Raymondo, Submaniac/Pickle


"Massive dance floor track without being too obvious."

-Les Ryder, Cream


"Kick Drum Domination is absolutely banging - it rips your head off."

-Mark Wilson, Disco Brothers


A stormer of a record, appreciated by clubbers and DJ's worldwide including the likes of Judge Jules and John '00' Fleming who both put Kick Drum Domination on their recent compilations. (John '00' Fleming - For Your Ears Only, Judge Jules - Ministry of Sound: Clubber's Guide to Ibiza). Also a favourite of Christopher Lawrence.



Catalogue No: WW007
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