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Sonik Kross    
Walking With Dreamz
Walking With Dreamz
Nuw Idol Remix
Produced by Nuw Idol    

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"Yet another outstanding release from this constant label... ...maybe even the best one to date? This time we see the collaboration of Nigel Ross and label owner Michel Spiegel getting it together to produce this fiery masterpiece. A tough driving, hard as nails beat complemented by, as they put it a bubbling lake of acid lava twists (brilliant!) that takes you to a frantic electronic breakdown. I lost count of the number of times I got goosebumps throughout this track, it's very addictive, you'll just have to go back for more."

-John '00' Fleming, 7 Magazine


"Nigel Ross joins Michel Spiegel and, without the cheesy elements of many Euro imports, show how to make uplifting tunes that don't sound like recycled Ibiza anthems. Both mixes do the business and make you long for more. They've yet to let us down."

-Gary Figg, Mixmag


"Nuw Idol remix is my #1 tune right now. Hard, uplifting, banging, what a combo. A track both myself and the crowd love."

-Nicholas Bennison, Arcade America


"Both mixes very strong, will definitely stay in my box."

-Lee Duffy, Pump/Refinery


"A kick-arse tune and both sides are doing it."

-Danny Slade, Escape


Walking With Dreamz is an exciting collaboration between Nigel Ross, a young Scottish talent and Nuw Idol. A bubbling lake of acid lava twists and turns and finally erupts in an uplifting firework of aural pleasure.


Catalogue No: WW008
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