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Nuw Idol
Out of Id
Produced by Nuw Idol

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Tune of the Month!

Wax Magazine

"Michel Spiegel is a genius. Witness this latest instalment on the WellWicked imprint for confirmation. His tried and tested bottom end formula of stompin' kick drum and rampant percussion gets turned over by a couple of tumultuous acidic stabs and one of the most poignant key lines for many a month, which builds into a massive breakdown. The structure is simple in a 'grab you by the balls and never let go kinda way', and showcases Michel's mentality when it comes to full on trance. Please don't expect some polite, sickly sweet Euro vocal outing, this baby should come with its own set of ear plugs and a government health warning. Take it from me, the label name says it all."

-Stevie Kerr, Wax Magazine/M8 Magazine


"Michel Spiegel has a good philosophy when it comes to production, he says 'My music is not about darkened studios, it's about people going out and havin' it. I couldn't agree more. With an ideology like that you can be assured of top quality music from the heart. His production credits are very impressive, DJ Sneak, The Shamen, Ian Pooley, the list just goes on and on. Both tracks are designed with the dancefloor in mind and are hard, pumping and full of life. To use a metaphor, this is a peach! (Check the house page for a proper review. Contributors these days, you just can't get the staff anymore - ED)"

-Lee Foster, Wax Magazine


"This is really hard, darker Acid trance with rip roaring squelchy acid noises. It's too hard for some people, but in the right room, when I'm pounding everyone at the end of the set... I'll definitely play it at Twisted; that's where it belongs."

-John '00' Fleming, 7 Magazine/Time Out


Dreamweaver is best described as a bouncy and funky techno trancer, but let the tune do the talking and u will find it's much more than that. A tight bouncy beat and throbbing chord stabs lay the foundations for an hypnotic melody which grows throughout the track to its full blissful effect.

Out of Id - an alien space craft has landed in the studio for this one allowing our friends to tweak a few knobs for themselves. Mental, Cutting Edge, Space Probe Techno Trance, it is both uplifting and darkly twisted, to suit all kinds of intergalactic ears.


Catalogue No: WW009
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