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Nuw Idol
The Golden Void
Produced by Nuw Idol

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"Michel Speigel, better known as Nuw Idol, continues his work as one of the more cutting-edge artists in the underground scene, with a busy string of live PA dates and consistent output on his WellWicked label. Here he delivers two corking tracks, with 'Satann' stealing the show for most, as raw analogue lead synths and pounding beats make this essential peak material, while 'The Golden Void' on the flipside is a more minimal trance groover. Both productions resist the temptation to cash in by refusing to deliver the expected obvious killer hook or cheesy vocal samples of most tracks, ensuring Nuw Idol retains his underground status. (5/5 stars)"

-- Simon Eve, DJ Magazine (Dec '02)

"Former Mr C collaborator (really) Michel Speigel's latest production endeavours come to you in the form of this feisty two-track dark trancer. 'Satann' is moody but still accessible due to its DJ-friendly format, while 'The Golden Void' is more laidback but still has what it takes to move a crowd, thanks to some excellent hooks and its faultless arrangement. Encouraging stuff. (4/5 stars)"

-- Danny Slade, International DJ Magazine (Dec '02)

  • Nick Sentience - 10/10 "You are a legend!!!! Very impressive!"
  • Les Hemstock - 9/10 Charted No 2 "Satann Rocks!"
  • Trevor Reilly (Clyde 1/Forth 1/Northsound/West FM/Radio TAY/Moray Firth Radio/Privilege, Glasgow/Boulevard, Clydebank and Yellow...) - 10/10!! "Both sides are awesome, love the deep offbeat bassline on AA.....sounds powerful in privilege. Full support in chart!"
  • Nick Rafferty (Sundissential) - 8/10 "Golden Void definitely one of my fav's to date. A real solid track!"
  • Alan Yates (Chemical Records) - 8/10 "Excellent production. Should be good seller at Chemical

Catalogue No: WW022
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