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Nuw Idol
Life is the Poison
The Quickening
Sensual Awakening
Produced by Nuw Idol



"Michel Spiegel, aka Nüw Idol, is already a firm favourite amongst the underground clubbing fraternity by virtue of his superb live PAs, and his recent releases on Wellwicked have heightened his reputation as a standalone producer as well as live act. Here we’re treated to an excellent EP with no fillers amongst the three tracks on offer. ‘Life is The Poison’ leads from the front in a soaring hard trance journey, and there’s no let up on the flip side with the dark tech trance of ‘The Quickening’ and pounding ‘Sensual Awakening’ delivering further doses of devastating hard NRG. (5/5 stars)"

-- Simon Eve: DJ Magazine (September 2003)

"A Nüw Idol trademark track. ‘Life is The Poison’ is the pick of the three tunes on offer here. It’s got that familiar Nüw Idol melody that everybody loves running through it, with smatterings of bizarre, twisted electronic guitars crashing out of the breakdown. Bang this one out! (5/5 stars)"

-- Guffy: Mixmag (September 2003)

"A bit of a bargain this one as it features three separate tracks. ‘Life is The Poison’ is a pounding hard trancer that has recently wowed the crowds in Australia on their recent tour and ‘The Quickening’ and ‘Sensual Awakening’ are on a deeper more twisted tip. My choice is ‘The Quickening’ as it’s a real head-fuck which is good!"

-- Danny Slade, International DJ Magazine (September 2003)

"...Equally as magic, however, is the AA1 track "The Quickening" which is a fast-paced but subtle trancer; a tonal kick drum keeps the rhythm going throughout whilst a racy and extremely catchy hook gives this track a more continental feel. Absolute quality, possibly even eclipsing the A track... this is a truly awesome package combining three top-class tracks. Essential summer choice. (10/10)"


Catalogue No: WW023
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