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"Nuw Idol's brilliant and original production skills breathe fresh air into a period in trance music inundated with boring sound-alike is powerfully emotive without being sappy and represents a credible and innovative direction for the future of trance."

-Christopher Lawrence XLR8R (Los Angeles)

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Producer, artist, performer and owner of world-renowned label WellWicked Records, Michel Spiegel AKA Nuw Idol has established himself as one of the most inventive people in the dance music industry.

Having fallen in love with electronic music in the early ‘90’s, Michel rapidly gained a reputation as a highly respected and hugely in demand producer/engineer, working alongside artists such as DJ Sneak, The Shamen, MR C, Ian Pooley, Stacey Pullen, Sourmash, DJ Dan...

Out of his need to develop his own ideas rather than ‘lend’ them to others, the Nuw Idol alias was born. His deft hand with a melody along with his fearlessly uncompromising and individualistic style mixes Magic with the best of Trance, Hard House and Techno into one exciting and futuristic sound. The aim is to create an artist and live act destined to send shivers down spines like nothing before.

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"...the absolute knowledge that we are free, beautiful and that we are truly celebrating life in the most absolute and potent way; a pagan ritual if you like. Our god is us, and when we move as one to the same beat we invoke that spirit of love and celebration which I call the Nuw Idol."

His writing and production talent was obvious from the start with all his early singles being played avidly by the visionary John Peel on Radio 1. After a series of releases on various labels, Michel co-produced one of the most successful, well-known and widely-imitated dance tracks of all time - Binary Finary '1998'.

This gave him the confidence to create his own platform, free from other people’s restrictions and so in 1999, he established WellWicked Records: a label that would become a stamp of quality, releasing underground music with commercial production values. The rest is history, with top Nuw Idol tracks such as ‘Polly’s Pharmacy’, ‘Kick Drum Domination’, ‘Off The Hook’, ‘Life Is The Poison’ and ‘My Liberation’ being played by DJs worldwide and picked up for major international compilations on labels including: Ministry Of Sound, Virgin, Moonshine, React, Media, ID&T... More than most other dance artists and over almost a decade, his consistently high quality output and his changing and morphing styles has led his productions to be performed by all the biggest DJs in the world including Sasha, Digweed, Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, John “OO” Fleming, Christopher Lawrence, Mauro Piccoto, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Burren, Andy Farley, Nick Sentience...

His recent remixes includes BK & Nick Sentience's ‘Flash’ on Nukleuz, Barthezz's ‘Infected’ on Positiva/EMI and ‘Needle’ by huge cult Japanese rock band ‘X-Japan’. His deep understanding of the way music blends together isn't confined to dance-floors however and with the release of his debut album ‘The Sound of Light’, he bound together his musical inspiration and production talent to create a truly seminal record, flowing from progressive sounds to full on euphoria.

One of his most unique attributes is his ability to excite a crowd in a club, a skill he honed over many years of gigs on the demanding London clubbing circuit. You only have to witness one "Nuw Idol Live" appearance and experience his overwhelming enthusiasm, wild costumes and above all musically brilliant performance to understand why his sets are now legendary. This ensures he is always in demand amongst promoters and clubbers worldwide including the US, Japan, Australia, UK and throughout Europe. Michel's music takes no prisoners - every track is full of hard energy and guaranteed a euphoric reception at any venue and events which include HQ, Logic, The Fridge, Sundissential, AntiWorld, The End, Hard Kandy etc...

"My music is not just about darkened studios, it's about people going out and havin' it."

Destined to become one of the most influential producers of our time, Nuw Idol has already left a red-hot trail through dance music. He is without any doubt one of the best electronic acts today and with his current projects he is already hard at work defining the future.

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